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Indian Head Massage

Massage maintains muscles by keeping them strong, which indicates a balanced body but when the body is in pain or stressed then the body is unbalanced and needs working on therapeutically to unblock these negative energy points.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage:-

  • Very relaxing and calming

  • Aids stress relief

  • Restores joint movement

  • Loosens scalp, stimulating hair follicles

  • Helps to clear sinusitis and congestion

  • Eases headaches and eye strain

  • Releases knots and muscle tension

  • Helps the body's detoxification process

  • Stimulates skin and nervous system

  • Helps maintain muscle elasticity

  • Improves circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to muscles

  • Indian Head Massage includes the upper back, shoulders, neck, forearms, arms, hands, scalp, face and marma points as well as balancing the 3 upper body energy chakras. Any areas can be left out at the client’s request and extra time spent in one of the other areas.

    The History of Indian Head Massage:-

    Indian Head Massage goes back over 4,000 years. Indian Head Massage always played an important part in Indian life and the techniques have been passed down through generations.
    In 1973 Narendra Mehta came to England from India. He wanted to bring to the West an holistic massage to include the head and face. So he devised his own massage techniques which included these areas and to help the well being of the whole body he incorporated the balancing of the body’s 3 top energy Chakras.

    It was in 1995 that this Indian Head Massage was formally accepted in colleges as a professional qualification by VTCT and other bodies.

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