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1st December 2020 

I began my personal journey 10 years ago when I visited a homeopath to aid my wellbeing. By taking natural herbal remedies these prevented me from having an operation. This experience started my belief in complementary therapies to aid the body. I began reading and researching various therapies.

From here I felt inspired to gain my Reiki 1, 2 and level 3 Masters Degrees. I still continue to attend Reiki share classes, giving and receiving Reiki.

To benefit my own wellbeing I received many Indian Head Massages and Body Massages. This drew me to learn about massage and I gained my VTCT Level 3 in Indian Head Massage.

My aim is to carry on delivering Indian Head Massage and Reiki to my existing clients who appreciate the benefits of these treatments. To hopefully introduce new clients to start their journey by focusing on themselves looking after their own well being.

I am registered and insured with the Federation of holistic therapists. I hold a VCTC level 3 qualification in Indian head massage and have qualified as a Reiki master practitioner. I am at present studying to obtain a VCTC level 3 diploma in reflexology.