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I began my personal journey over 5 years ago. I visited a homeopath to aid my well being. This experience started my belief in herbal alternative remedies, which prevented me having an operation or taking conventional medicines to treat my ailments. The homeopath carried out energy exercises which indicated if any of my chakra's were unbalanced. This fascinated me, so I started to read up about energy and chakra's.

From here I felt inspired to gain my Reiki 1 ,2 and Reiki level 3 Masters Degree. I still continue to attend Reiki share classes, giving and receiving Reiki.

To benefit my own well being, I received many Indian Head Massages and Body Massages. This drew me to learn about massage and gain my VTCT Level 3 diploma in Indian Head Massage.

I feel very honored as I can truly say at last I found 'myself' and what I truly enjoy doing in life.

My aim is to carry on delivering Massage and Reiki to my existing clients, who appreciate the benefits of these treatments and to introduce new clients to experience and start their journey, by focusing on themselves by looking after their own well being.

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