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26th October 2020 

Frequently asked questions:-

How much do the therapies cost?
30 for 1 hour of Reiki or Indian Head Massage including consultation form.

How may I feel during a Reiki session?
Not everyone wiill feel any sensations but if they do they may feel heat, cold or tingly sensations due to the movement of energy. Some people fall asleep due to the deep relaxation. It’s an individual experience and every session could be different.

How will I feel after a Reiki or Indian Head Massage session?
Many people experience inner calmness, an increase of energy hours or days afterwards. Some contra-actions that may occur are tiredness, headaches, coldness, tingling, more emotions, increased urination. These would be temporary ailments for a short period of time and are due to the body releasing toxins and re-balancing itself.

Do I need to fill out a consultation form?
Yes. It is required for insurance reasons and incase you have any contra-indications which could stop the therapy from proceeding. In some cases a referral to your doctor may be required prior to a treatment. Allow an extra 10 minutes during the first appointment to fill out the form and for me to explain what will happen in the treatment. Then subsequent visits a shorter version follow on form will be completed. All information is stored confidentially.

Do I lay on a therapy bed or sit in a therapy chair?
Reiki is more relaxing lay on a therapy bed, however it can also be received while sat on a chair.
Indian head massage is usually delivered on a massage chair, however if the client prefers it can be received on a therapy bed.

What do I wear during my treatment?
Reiki comfortable clothing should be worn. Reiki is not restricted / affected by the type of clothing worn by the client.
Indian Head Massage delivered on a massage chair or a therapy bed, it is advisable not to wear heavy clothing as this can restrict the benefits of the massage. It is recommended to wear a T-shirt or adjustable top.

Is massage oil applied?
For Reiki no oil is used.
For massages oil can or cannot be applied at the request of the client.

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